single color Snappis

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hello, we've tried our best to hide this page; if you've found it we're impressed.  this is our sales page for single colored Snappis.  to order anything from this page, you need to email us first ( and let us know you are interested in purchasing individual colors.  we'll give you more information from there, and this allows us to check to see if we even have the color you want in stock.

these Snappis do not come in packaging (other than a Ziploc bag).

we have a minimum order quantity of three Snappis at $4.00 per Snappi.  if you order a single Snappi, we'll cancel your order - sorry.

hopefully, this all makes sense.  please remember to email us at (we don't think you'll be able to do anything with this page since we'll normally be keeping the inventory level at zero, but just in case we're wrong, don't forget that email address).