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Hello, this is our wholesale ordering page.  Generally we won't use this page, so available inventory will normally be kept at zero.  If you would like to order wholesale from us, please email us at


If we are using this page to process a sale - thank you very much for your order!  Here's a description of the 5-packs we sale:

  • Original (Infant) Size 1 (1 x Blue; 2 x Green; 2 x White)
  • Neutral (Infant) Size 1 (1 x Orange; 2 x Blue; 2 x Gray)
  • Toddler Size 2 (1 x Blue; 1 x Gray; 1 x Green; 1 x Orange; 1 x White)

Please email us once you have placed an order using this page.  We should receive an automatic email letting us know, but we want to make sure that your order isn't missed.  Thanks!